"Organizations that prioritize feedback in their training programs see a 12.5% increase in productivity post-intervention, demonstrating the tangible benefits of a feedback-driven approach to employee development" - Administrate

Effective feedback is crucial for the success of any learning program. Enterprise LMS systems can excel in enhancing this process through its features such as Gradebooks, Session Feedback Cards, Learning Analytics, and Custom Notifications. These tools not only facilitate better communication and data analysis but also significantly improve the feedback loop, leading to improved educational outcomes and increased productivity in corporate settings.

 Use your LMS to Give Learners Meaningful Feedback 

Feedback in education is multifaceted, involving various strategies and styles. According to Bartol & Martin, "Feedback is the receiver’s basic response to the interpreted message." Feedback is the learner's initial attempt to act on what has been understood. And it’s important to get feedback right, first time. 

Meaningful feedback should be motivational, personal, and actionable, as opposed to being discouraging, general, and unspecific.

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Challenges in E-Learning Environments

Delivering feedback in e-Learning settings presents unique challenges compared to traditional classroom environments.

  • Classroom vs. E-Learning: Feedback in classrooms is often direct and verbal, with real-time communication. In contrast, e-Learning typically involves more indirect and written feedback, with passive correspondence.

  • Using an LMS for Feedback: An LMS can bridge these gaps by allowing for personalized, motivational feedback that is both timely and frequent, but more often than not, delivering feedback using an LMS, is complicated, time-consuming and much feedback goes undelivered, or unread. 

4 Feature for Effective Feedback

There are an abundance of unique features for LearningOS, but 4 of them standout that streamline and optimize your feedback for all kinds of learners. 

"57% of employees prefer receiving constructive feedback over praise, indicating a strong desire for actionable insights that can lead to professional growth and improved performance" - Virtual Speech


The Gradebook in LearningOS offers a comprehensive view of learner progress and engagement, with features for monitoring attendance, tracking goals, automated and manual scoring of assignments, and allocating reward coins. This tool is crucial for identifying learning gaps and customizing feedback and instructional strategies, thereby enhancing both educational and corporate training effectiveness. 

Session Feedback Cards

These cards document key aspects of each learning session, including the materials covered, class performance, individual contributions, and challenges encountered. This documentation is vital for reflecting on each session and planning future strategies, ensuring feedback is specific and tailored to each learner's needs.

Learning Analytics

LearningOS provides precise analytics, allowing educators and trainers to pinpoint important metrics such as engagement levels and completion rates. This enables the creation of more effective, personalized feedback, improving learner outcomes in various settings.

Custom Notifications

With mobile compatibility, these notifications keep all users—students, instructors, and parents—engaged and informed. They remind students of their responsibilities, alert instructors about updates, and keep parents involved in their child's educational progress. 

Uploading Existing Rubrics

The new feature for uploading existing rubrics allows educators, HR managers, and L&D professionals to integrate their performance rubrics into LearningOS. This feature supports a variety of file types and seamlessly integrates with the system’s content management module. It enables the application of concise rubric frameworks to any mode of eLearning, including interactive videos, enhancing the assessment and feedback process.

Benefits of Effective Feedback with an Enterprise LMS

  1. Enhanced Skills and Knowledge: Directly contributes to skill and knowledge enhancement, crucial for both academic success and professional development.
  2. Increased Productivity: By focusing on specific improvement areas, feedback leads to higher productivity, essential for organizational growth.
  3. Scaling Organizational Learning: LearningOS supports the expansion of learning processes within organizations efficiently, crucial for adapting to dynamic market conditions.
  4. Driving Business Growth and Innovation: Enhanced productivity and skills foster a high-performance culture that drives business growth and innovation.


LearningOS by OOOLAB significantly enhances the feedback mechanism, making it more effective and impactful across various settings. By integrating tools like Gradebooks and Session Feedback Cards, ourEnterprise LMS ensures that feedback is not only delivered efficiently but also contributes to continuous learning and improvement in both educational institutions and corporate environments. 


What specific strategies does LearningOS recommend for creating personalized feedback?

Admin can use Learning analytics and the Gradebook feature to tailor feedback perfectly for each learner. By analyzing performance and engagement data, instructors can pinpoint exactly where a learner might need a nudge or a nod. Plus, Session Feedback Cards capture individual efforts and hurdles, making feedback not just personalized but genuinely helpful.

How does LearningOS facilitate feedback in asynchronous learning environments?

LearningOS keeps learners  in the loop with timely Custom Notifications and mobile-friendly access. Whether it’s a progress update or a gentle reminder, learners can stay on top of their game anytime, anywhere. Also, the platform’s discussion forums and peer feedback tools make learning interactive and engaging, ensuring that everyone stays connected, even from afar.

Give Effective Feedback From The Get-Go!
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