6 Reasons Why Enrichment Centers are White-Labeling their LMS (And Why You Should Too)

If you’re a CEO, operations manager, or part of the administrative team, enrichment centers like yours are already white-labeling their LMS, and for good reason.

What is White-Labeling? 

White-labeling is when a company purchases something someone else has created and then brand it as their own. White-labeled products can be found in retail, e-commerce, and even banking, but most commonly used in computer technology. SaaS (software as a service) providers create software create products and allow other companies or individuals to white-label the software, making it appear as if you created the software independently. Many SaaS offer their software on a subscription basis that gives the user full functionality and customization tools. 

White-labeling software is becoming increasingly popular in the education industry. Enrichment centers, learning institutions, coding, and even music schools are increasingly needing Learning Management Systems (LMS) to help run their business. LMSs are the beating heart of educational centers, and that's why companies prefer a white-labeled LMS that reflects their core identity. 

6 Reasons to White-Label your LMS: 

  • Cheaper to Build 
  • Raises Brand Awareness     
  • Works for the Whole Team
  • Helps Scale your Business 
  • Personalized Domain and Professional Correspondence
  • Offers Better Security and Maintenance

Cheaper to Build 

Creating an LMS from the beginning can be expensive. More often than not, you would have to hire a specialist team to help you design, build and carry out maintenance and updates. White-labeled LMSs are much cheaper since you’re not paying any fees for creating and developing the software. Companies offer free consultations and will walk you through their system and discuss all the designs and features that you wish to include. What you see is what you get! A fully functional ready-to-use LMS, with no hidden costs.  

Raises Brand Awareness

Branding your educational technology is just as important as branding in high-end designer fashion. All reputable educational technology have consistent logos, themes, and color schemes sweeping across their platforms. Consistent branding builds trust and loyalty and your learning center shouldn't be any different.

Using white-labeled software allows you to raise brand awareness at no extra cost. You can easily apply logos, typography, and color schemes to your LMS. So whether your enrichment center's company logo is a cute animal like a penguin or koala, or perhaps your STEM center boasts a cool robotic mascot, it needs to be seen after every click to promote familiarity and confidence in your brand. 

Works for the Whole Team 

An LMS system makes it simple to create student, client, and business accounts. This versatility extends to management, administration, and instructors too. When an educational institution orders a white-labeled LMS system, you can create as many accounts as necessary. These accounts come with fully functional dashboards, so all members of your department can work simultaneously.

Helps Scale your Business

White-labeling your LMS offers enrichment centers the chance to scale their business by legally marketing the LMS as their own. Attract new clients by using built-in customizable advertising, or use the built-in course builder to create, market, and sell new courses to existing clients. Establish your brand by marketing your white-labeled LMS system globally.

Personalized Domain and Professional Correspondence

White-labeled LMSs hide all signs of other companies. This is important when dealing with potential clients as every aspect of your business must appear professional. 

On top of your aesthetically pleasing LMS, white-labeled software allows you to use your personalized domain name. Your clients can enter your enrichment center's domain directly into their computer, or mobile device without using forward slashes, or redirects. Also, when you order a white-labeled service, your provider will give you a unique email address that contains a unique domain name, so whether you are searching for new clients or recruiting new staff, your correspondence will appear as professional as possible.  

Offers Better Security and Maintenance

Improving internet security has become more important to educators, clients, and parents than ever before. Outdated LMS systems and other random software downloaded from the internet are more susceptible to malware and other forms of cybercrime. Unfortunately, browser-based software can be littered with additional downloads, sign-ups, and annoying pop-up ads. 

Enrichment centers can feel at ease when choosing a white-labeled LMS system because you inherit a team of experts working actively behind the scenes to protect you, and the software from security threats. And should any bugs, or glitches arise, the software team can work to fix them right away.  

Why Should you Choose LearningOS by OOOLAB?

Using a white-labeled LMS is the most professional and cost effective way to operate your education business. It’s also the most accessible way to collaborate with colleagues and keep your students secure.  OOOLAB has created LearningOS fully customizable white-labeled LMS that is enabling businesses like yours to scale and grow quickly and authentically.    

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