A Technology Platform Case Study

Breaking the Mold

OOOLAB and Apollo English were in agreement about the challenges facing traditional language learning centers. Increased competition from online-only platforms, a demand for more diverse curriculums, and a growing expectation from parents for more personalized learning were all concerns.

In a rapidly changing educational environment Apollo English knew that in order to scale their enterprise and prepare for the future they needed to invest in the latest technologies and teaching approaches.

With over 30 years' experience preparing Vietnamese children for the future Apollo English knew a thing or two about innovation.

Dreaming big, Apollo English conceived Apollo Active. A new and disruptive hybrid and blended learning program.

Apollo Active would offer a unique hybrid and blended learning approach, hosting interactive live lessons, online lessons in a virtual classroom, offline lessons in Apollo English classrooms, and self-study micro-learning modules.

This innovative approach would help Apollo English stay ahead of the competition while maximizing learning opportunities for their students. It was a win-win situation.

They discussed their vision with OOOLAB.

A Platform to Build

Apollo English were interested in licensing LearningOS, OOOLAB’s flagship product.

LearningOS is a flexible learning management system with integrated H5P content authoring tools built specifically for enrichment learning. It would enable Apollo English to build Apollo Active and manage its existing 30,000 learners, spanning over 80 tuition centers, on one platform.

It was the ideal fit for Apollo English.

OOOLAB would provide the technological infrastructure, resources, and expertise needed to create Apollo Active and to support the migration of existing products and students.

A Walk on the Wild Side

Previously, Apollo English had entered another partnership with leading publisher National Geographic Learning. National Geographic Learning provided Apollo with a groundbreaking primary and secondary education curriculum called Apollo World.

With careful consideration of Apollo’s existing licensing commitments with National Geographical Learning, OOOLAB worked closely with both enterprises to adapt and digitize their entire curriculum for primary and secondary students.

This resulted in over 10,000 hours' worth of original, interactive and engaging content for Apollo Active.

The Chance to Automate

LearningOS’ all-in-one platform gives Apollo English the chance to automate many areas of their learning operations and reduce costs.

Administrative teams can seamlessly onboard and manage large cohorts of students. Administrators can assign classes, fill out reports, reward learners for good study habits, and distribute course materials for students with easy-to-use drag and drop course management tools.

Cloud-based LMSs like LearningOS allow learning content and administrative data to be stored digitally in the cloud. This eliminates the need for physical storage, reducing maintenance expenses and providing greater accessibility.

A New Way of Learning

Apollo strives to provide delightful learning experiences for students. With LearningOS’ API and LTI integration capabilities, Apollo instructors can effortlessly navigate multiple platforms without having to login multiple times.

LearningOS seamlessly integrates interactive multimedia, rewards systems, and learning analytics. This offers the chance for curriculums to be filled with a wide range of gamification applications. This allows learners to explore content in a fun and engaging way.

A Custom Fit

OOOLAB is among a select few education technology companies that offers a white-labeled LMS. White-labeling allows enterprises to personalize certain features, such as logos, brand colors, learning analytics, notifications and advertising banners.

Apollo English wanted learning analytics that accurately measure student progress and achievements.

OOOLAB also provided custom notifications such as lesson reminders and advertising banners that promote events and products.

Mobile Ready

Wishing to increase learner engagement outside of the classroom, Apollo English requested a fully functional and branded mobile app optimized for mobile learning. OOOLAB provided a professional and intuitive app that Apollo Active 

users can download directly from iOS and Android. Apollo English students can now access lesson content with full interactivity directly from their smartphones and tablets.

Dream it, Launch it.

With difficulty predicting tomorrow's learning trends, Apollo English needed a system that expedited the development and launch of new learning products.

LearningOS contains a H5P content authoring tool. This powerful creator tool allowed Apollo English to create original courses and curriculums, or refine existing ones.

Student and Parent Experience

Apollo English encourages parents to participate in their child's learning journey. That’s why Apollo Active’s virtual learning environment features both learner and parent profiles.

Learner profiles are intuitively designed to encourage student interaction by containing information on active courses, self-study work, and rewards.

Parents can monitor their child's journey by tracking their progress, accessing performance reports, reviewing class schedules, and communicating directly with Apollo English staff, all from their own dashboard.

A New Beginning

On Saturday 8th April 2023, Apollo English Vietnam officially launched Apollo Active. This launch was the culmination of hundreds of thousands of hours of effort in partnership with National Geographic Learning, Pure Pacific Music, SENTECHS, and Apollo English Vietnam.

OOOLAB praises Apollo English’ unwavering commitment to children's education. They are truly pioneers in edtech and children’s education.

Apollo Active has transformed the student learning experience and we believe this product will ignite a love of learning in every child.